Sunday, March 17, 2013

Haiti update Letter!

 I am praying about going back to Haiti. As you know I went last June and it was such a blessing. Thank you for supporting me through prayers and financial support my last trips.
The last support letters I sent out to a lot of people. Everyone I know. This time I am prayerfully sending them to the people that the Lord lays on my heart and that have supported me in a great blessed way through prayers or finances on my previous trip to Haiti. 

 On last trip to Haiti the Lord put on my heart a heavy call to missions. Haiti opened my eyes to the call that I feel at this point the Lord has for me. Giving up what I think I need for what the Lord needs and wants from me. I am prayerfully considering doing missions for longer term after high-school. I have always felt called in this direction, but while in Haiti it was so much clearer. I am waiting upon the Lord for His guidance and leading in my life in regards for my future. I feel that the Lord did and is placing a heart for the lost (non-believers) and also less fortunate whether it be here in the US or anywhere in the world. At this point I am very open to whatever the Lord wants for me & from me. 

 To act upon what I just said I have my parents blessing to stay in Haiti for 2 months this coming summer. I would like to experience being gone and away from home a little bit longer. To get a better feel for what longer term would be like. I am going to be staying at cross to light again in Haiti from June 17th - 27th. I am helping put together a team from my church and a few friends to go down for the 10 days also. I will then be traveling to Croix-des-Bouquet, to work at an orphanage for the other 61/2 weeks. I am asking you to consider praying about supporting me. I know that if you are following the Lord you will pray! Thank you in advance.

Here are the main costs for while at Cross to Light -

Plane ticket around $800-900 + luggage fees $35
Ground fee for @ Cross to light $500 (food, transportation & etc.) 
Ground fee for @ Living water Ministries $700
Insurance $25
Extra supplies $50

Average = $2200

 I am hoping to get into photography as some of you know, and I am excited to take my camera this coming trip to take photos with a Mission. I am hoping to capture some of those moments that others would appreciate. And give us a stronger reminder to pray. I am also offering photo shoots to help raise money for mission work. 

 I am incredibly blessed to have God place you in my life. Whether you support me through prayer and/or finances, I would be greatly encouraged to hear from you either a letter in the mail or a note through the E-mail. Thank you for your prayers especially, they are such a blessing in my life. God bless you and let me know if I can pray for you or do anything for you.

In Christ - Katie Busby

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Ione, WA 99139

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