Tuesday, June 25, 2013


June 25th

Today is our last full day together as a team. Tomorrow I am moving to Living water ministries. My team will drop me off sometime tomorrow afternoon and then they fly back to the US on Thursday. Today we are going to go to another tent city and do some medical relief and a puppet show. We are also going to an orphanage.

Yesterday we went to a tent city and prayed for people, shared the gospel and gave out some bibles. Then we went to an orphanage and played with the kiddos and did a feeding program. We then went to another tent city and showed the Jesus film {which was a crazy experience}....

God is good and is working. The hearts here are so open to Jesus. We have been so blessed while we have been here. Please pray that all goes well today. Thank you and enjoy the photos! :D

Leesna and I <3

Pastor Brain!
Interesting name for a restaurant right?!?!

Our small team/army, heading out for an awesome day of ministry!

Hannah got sick...so she was takin a nap. She is doing better now, PTL


I was walking through the tent city when I heard my name being called. I turned around and saw many heads poking out of one of the tents. It was a family I had met last year. Then motioned me into their tent and handed me a baby. They were so grateful still for the little that I had done to help them. They just got word from the mayor that they have a week to find a new place to move. It is one of the biggest tent city. Please join in pray for the hundreds of people that need homes. Thanks.

Logan, Me & Carlos. We all went to lunch on Sunday with the pastor. Learning so much about the Haiti culture and seeing many amazing things. Please pray that God will use us!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Haiti photos!

Wanted to post some photos. I don't have a ton of time for long stories but I will post some more soon! Thanks for the prayers! God is truly working!

Haiti sunsets are the BEST

Our team/Family (:

My tom tan
My Haitian family

Little feet

Auntie Pam!

Hannah! Peas!

Perfect love...

Puppet show

The 1st night we got here we did a dinner for the people in the tent city and we had 140 plates of beans and rice. And 138 people showed up. Talk about the hand of the Lord. More details to come.

Toms are the bomb! :D

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The things God asks us to do are not always easy. Sometimes they are really hard. They require lots of focus and attention. Sometimes we are called out of our comfort zone. We have to rely on God's strength and not ours.
I was just reading in kisses from Katie about the statement "God will never give you more then you can handle". She was saying that God does give you more then "you" can handle. So that we have to trust Him to get us through. He wants us to "need" Him.  So that He can have all and do all. He will take over and do the impossible in our lives. He longs to have and take control in our lives.
What that being said, I am on a plan flying from Miami to Haiti. I just finished reading letters from my family. I cried like a baby. I miss them so much already and I am on day 1 of 50. I have a ways to go. After sitting and crying for a bit , I read what Katie had to say. I saw it as God's hand in my life. "Katie you don't have to handle this, I will. I have been with you so far and I will be with you forever."
The peace that comes with knowing that we can place our hearts in God's hands and He will be faith to handle what we cannot. God uses inadequate people. He creates beauty out of ashes. All He wants is a willing heart. I sit here hoping and longing for God's divine intervention, that He will teach, guide, protect, change, and use me for His glory. It is in our weakness that God is great. You can probably tell that I am pretty excited/nervous/scared/happy/anxious.
My prayer is that God will mold me more into the person that I need to be and that He wants me to be. God is faith to complete the good work that He has begun.
As I started this journey, I said good bye to my family, grandparents and friends at the airport. I had many phone calls, messages, and prayers of encouragement. I just want to thank you all for your support and prayers. I can't wait to see what becomes of this trip.
I love you all so much and I will try to keep you all posted with photos and stories.
Praying for you too.
 - Katie, in Haiti

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The KIDDOS of the Busby family

Wanted to give an update of the family before I leave for Haiti. As a lot of you know we moved this past week and so our lives have really been focused on that but the whole family was together! So that was great! Even Josh was home. We had a blast even though there was and is still a ton to do. 

Anyways I have gotten an updated photo of all the kiddos and I am going to give a few things that are going on in each person's lives/interests  • Enjoy  ♥ ♥ 

JACQUELYN 1♥  also known as Fattie Patty } ♥ 
She loves to eat  • just learned to say "nigh-night" • loves daddy 

MATTHIAS • 3  {also known as Shmadley} 
He loves riding in the old Chevy farm rig "the monster truck" • jumping on the trampoline • cuddling on the couch with his "star" blankie • ❤'s cheeto chips

AIMEE • 4  {named "Aimster" by Josh}
Loves walks/hikes • is our little model • popcorn is her favorite • gives lots of hugs & kisses

SAMUEL • 6 {Sambo is his nickname}
Red is his favorite color, because it represents Jesus's blood • always reminds us of what Jesus would want • has a GREAT imagination 

JACOB • 9• 
Always helps dad with the chores • works really hard • likes adventures in the wilderness 
ABIGAIL • 10  {Abi}
Loves her rabbits • a little mommy to Jacquelyn • jokes constantly 

AMBER • 11• 
Involved  in 4-H • ♡'s her horse Cheyenne •  training for Mt. Rainier again  

Working hard at horse/fair things • dreams to barrel race • Loves her dog Sofie & her horse Dakota • becoming so gorgeous and beautiful    

Raises and maintains her 4-H goats • amazing on the piano • learning guitar • sings amazingly • pretty much good at everything and anything she tries   

ME (KATIE) • 17• 
Y'all know me! ;) I leave for Haiti in 10 days!?!?!  Prayers appreciated. 

JOSH • 19• 
Lives in ND • diesel mechanic • owns an AWESOME Dodge Cummins • SO GOOD TO SEE HIM AGAIN 

Well there you go! That is all the Busy Busby kids. Everyone busy as ever and doing  lots of things! Fun and great to see everyone enjoying life. As everyone grows up and gets older it amazes me to see how different everyone is from likes & dislikes to personalities & dreams. God has clearly made all of us different and has a purpose  {a GREAT purpose} for everyone! I can't wait to see how and where God uses all of them...and me ;) 

I LOVE ALL of my siblings! They are amazing and I could not live without them. I am going to miss them so SO so much! They teach me new things everyday. I ❤ waking up and seeing all their faces. 50 days without them is going to be really hard. But God will be there and a LOT of Skype dates with them will pull me through...!

I hope to keep everyone posted while in Haiti (if I have time) how things are going. So check back for updates. Hope y'all have a WONDERFUL and BLESSED summer! (: