Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall has come...

 Today the rowdy little boys and beautiful little girls of the Busby family needed some time outdoors (in other words it was a bit chaotic inside...) Sooo I took the littles outside and went out on a "tree hunt" to make the fall decoration below for mom.
 Also snapped this cute photo of  'fatty - patty'.  Enjoy! (:

Jake giving me all the pointers I could ever need ;)

Fall has come, school has started, cold mornings and fogging sunrises, falling leaves, seasonal cooking...and Christmas is on it's way...YAY!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Birthday girl! ♥

Guess who is already 5! Out little miss Aimee. Our little spunky, full or energy, drama queen. She is already so  gorgeous and we can only imagine how beautiful she will be when she is older. She is a caring little girl, full of laughter and has such a grown up  personality. She is a definitely our little modeler of the family. We are so blessed to have her as part of our family.  She's cute as a button...  Love her more then life....

 So in the Busby house you can never go anywhere without a little tag this trip it was Jacquelyn! She is not the most photogenic thing but we did our best...