Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The start of the school year

I am finally home to stay. Since the moment I have stepped off the plane it has been nothing but speed, acceleration, activity, rushing, and haste. Not a day has gone by that we did not have plans or activities going on. From picking up kids for VBS to making many trips to and from the fair grounds with loads of animals and exhibits. And still to this moment life is full as it can be we started preschool with the 3 youngest and the rest of us start school on the 4th. 

I think the thing I missed the most while being in Haiti was my little siblings. Even though everyday I was surrounded by many little kids there also. But it was not the same thing. My little brother Matthias and I are so close. He great big green eyes and his hugs. His cute comments and his adorable smile. I have been given the honor of homeschooling them for the time being. We are working on colors, shapes, numbers and character. They are a blast but that is not to say that it does not get crazy. From trying to contain tempers to talking about not hitting your sister...But I love it. The little things they say and the way they improve so quickly. The way they pronounce their colors and their little fingers holding their pencils. 

I cannot express the joy and the sorrow of returning to the US. The different cultures and all that has happened. The ways that it changed me and the ways that it made me who I am today. It broke me leaving and still breaks my heart to think of the little faces crying on the porch when I left. And the sobbing and tight hugs I received. They became my family while I was there. Even though we could not communicate, we all became super close. We had some very good, very hard, very fun, and very crazy times together. I loved seeing all their faces popping out when I came into the the compound yard. And as I walked through the gate and was tackled down by like 19 little kids jumping up for hugs and kisses.