Sunday, June 23, 2013

Haiti photos!

Wanted to post some photos. I don't have a ton of time for long stories but I will post some more soon! Thanks for the prayers! God is truly working!

Haiti sunsets are the BEST

Our team/Family (:

My tom tan
My Haitian family

Little feet

Auntie Pam!

Hannah! Peas!

Perfect love...

Puppet show

The 1st night we got here we did a dinner for the people in the tent city and we had 140 plates of beans and rice. And 138 people showed up. Talk about the hand of the Lord. More details to come.

Toms are the bomb! :D


  1. ♥ Miss you both but very proud of you guys!! :)

  2. Thanks! Today is our last day together as a team. Going to try and make the most of it! (: Hope all is well! <3