Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Busy Busby Sunday

This morning we woke up and the electricity was out from about 6-9:30. So we prepared to make breakfast without the stove. It simplified our morning a lot actually, we honestly enjoyed it more then normal. Then it came back on in time to get morning showers done and dishes. It work out quit well. We all got dressed up and loaded up in the Big red van to head to church. We had some great fellowship. 

Then we all came home to change and go to a 4H event. We had lunch at Cathy's Cafe and then went to a movie. We took two of our dearest friends and had a blast. Dad stayed home with Samuel, Aimee, and Matthias and they watched a ski movie and went on a bike ride. I am sure they had a blast also! 

When we got home mom and the girls got the dinner on the table that we had been cooking all day. Dad did some chores outside and I took Matthias for a walk to see our goats. We had a great dinner, and then we finished the day out with some Push-ups and Sit-ups and prayer. Mom was in the kitchen making Kale Chips. When she went down to put her second tray of Chips in she found that the dehydrator was no longer working (apparently she had tried to fix it earlier and ended up blowing the breaker by wrapping wires together that where not supposed to be.). So all that to say that there was a bit of commotion in the garage. Dad is now out there fixing it. But Mom did her best and I am sure the chips will be delicious! Recipe and Pictures to follow. 
Lemon tarts for church

Lunch for the Littles


4-H group at the movie

Alicia and Matthias making laundry detergent

Aimee standing on Dad's hands

Push-ups & Sit-ups

It was quite an eventful day. We all got to do many things and are all charged up to start a week full of work and school.

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