Friday, May 18, 2012

A little about us:

 We live in Washington, and our family consists of Dad (Stan), Mom (Kristina), Their Kids (Josh, Katie, Rachelle, Alicia, Amber, Abigail, Jacob, Samuel, Aimee, Matthias, and Jacquelyn), Horses (Cheyenne & Dakota), Pigs (Piglet & Eeyore), Goat (Henry) and well, we also have 20 some Chickens. Here is a Picture of the family with our Great-Grandparents:

 We are a Bible believing family. We attend a small country Bible Chapel & enjoy fellowship each week. The rest of the week is spent busy in our hillside home. In this season we stay busy with watching and training the young ones, schoolwork, and housework. I (Katie) will be doing a big chunk of the blogging and hope you will enjoy it!
We are thankful for all that the Lord has blessed us with and hope to share a bit of our lives with you.

 Thanks for looking and God Bless You.

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