Friday, May 18, 2012

A Great Afternoon

   We had a great afternoon today! All the Little’s woke up from their naps and headed outside, due to that it was so beautiful out. Mom and Amber baked Cinnamon Rolls, Bread, and Pizza for dinner.
  A friend stopped by to help with some gardening and their two kids joined us on our hike through the woods. 
 Jacob, Samuel, Aimee, Matthias (but we call him Ty) and our two extra best friends Sage and Luke started out for an adventure through the woods. We had a blast and took some pictures.  
  Then we made our way back to the house where mom and the girls had dinner (Pizza) ready for all the cuties to eat! Then we said good-bye to our friends and headed to get ready for bed (PJ’s, brushing of teeth, bed time songs, stories, etc.). 
 We had a great day and are excited to start a fresh new day tomorrow! Hope you have a Fantastic night. :  )

The Start of the Hike

Making their way through the woods
Almost Home
A Group shot
Our View of God's Awesomeness

Ty & I
Mom's tasty Pizza

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